Room Booking

Meetups come together at the Library

Need a place to study, collaborate or meet? There is a room for you at the Library. We have an assortment of room sizes, with bookable options for larger spaces. 


Do I need to book rooms in advance?

  • Individual study rooms are open to use on a first-come, first-serve basis. No booking required!
  • All other rooms, including 4-person study rooms, require booking. You can book on the spot at either service desk depending on availability, or in advance by phone at 905-642-7323.

How much do rooms cost to book?

  • Individual or group doing private study: No charge
  • Non-profit individual or group (e.g., a charity): $15/hour, $85/day
  • For-profit individual or group (e.g., a business): $25/hour, $150/day
  • Paid Tutor: $5.00/hour
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