Sports & Fitness Equipment

Get your family active, no sweat

Want to head out with your family for some fresh air but don’t have the gear? Borrow the equipment you need from The Lendery at the Library. All you need is your Library Card to reserve our fitness gear. 

Sports balls and kits

Borrow a ball head over to your favourite park for fun. Sports kits have everything you need except the court or beach. We even have bocce ball, foam axe throwing, and croquet sets for your next backyard barbeque. 


A foot of snow doesn’t have to stop you and your family from taking in the beauty of the York Region Trails System this winter. Tame your trek. Stop yourself from sinking in the snow and gain additional grip by borrowing a pair of snowshoes from The Lendery.



Take along a pair of binoculars on your next trek through the beautiful trails of York Region. How many bird species can you spot? 

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