Technology Equipment

Tech to connect

Need to connect to the Internet but don’t have the technology you need on hand? Moving your home movies from videotape to digital? Borrow what you need from The Lendery with your Library Card.


Require a laptop to send emails, make video calls, search the web, stream a video, or access online library resources? Sign out a Google Chromebook laptop from The Lendery. They’re easy to use and all you need is a Google account to get started.

Mobile Hotspots

Have to connect to the Internet but live in an area of Stouffville, or going to a vacation location, that doesn’t have broadband internet service? Borrow a mobile hotspot from The Lendery to get internet access wherever you are.

STEAM kits and video lendables

Take home a STEAM kit for robotics fun. Want to borrow a movie from the Library but don't have a DVD player? Take one home from The Lendery.

Indoor/outdoor projector screen

Movie Night hits the big time! Borrow a portable projector screen to make your backyard into your own private outdoor theatre. 

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